Attilio Curcio is a Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant based in Brussels (Belgium)He offers tailor-made solutions to companies of all shapes and sizes that aim to boost their online visibility and to develop their digital marketing strategies. The three crucial features to achieve a modern and efficient digital marketing plan are creativity, strategy and meticulous assessment.



Improving the visibility of your brand on the major search engines (Google).

Digital Strategy

Developing and implementing tailor-made digital strategies.

Digital Support

Providing assistance with any digital marketing-related queries.


Providing consultancy services for your projects.

Social Media

Enhancing customer engagement, leads & referrals with high ROI.


Covering a wide range of digital marketing channels.


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Case Study

Interview by Google @, March 2015

Certified Google is Belgium’s leading seller of tickets for music and other entertainment events. Most of its sales are online, and so is its advertising. The company has been using Google AdWords, Google AdSense and Google Analytics since 2011, and AdWords alone has helped to boost its sales by 15% to 20% in two years. Read the full article by Google here.


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